What financial aid for innovative companies?


There are several subsidized intellectual property support schemes. These schemes are aimed at SMEs and are produced by experts in the field.

ETNA being referenced as an expert with the INPI and Bpifrance, we are likely to support you in the context of each of these services.

A non-exhaustive list of subsidized schemes is set out below.


This service consists of an objective pre-analysis of existing IP assets within the company and the establishment of initial recommendations to develop and/or enhance its IP and improve its management.

Without being a legal consultation as such, the IP Prediagnosis allows the company to begin its reflection in terms of protection and contractualization, before the implementation of a policy followed by intellectual property in coherence with its strategy of business.

This service is free for the company.


The PASS PI is an INPI scheme aimed at SMEs and start-ups and which makes it possible to subsidize a range of services in the field of intellectual property.

These include in particular:

  • studies of patentability and freedom to operate in patent matters,
  • contractual support in terms of IP,
  • public/private collaborative contracts,
  • validation of the protectability of trademarks and designs and models
  • valuation of IP assets
  • pre-litigation analysis

Recently, the INPI added to this device the filing of a first patent application in France.

In addition to the additional payment by certain Regional Councils, the contribution of the INPI is 50% of the amount of the service, the financial aid being capped at 5000 Euros including tax (i.e. 10,000 Euros including tax of cumulative benefits within the limit of 3 services).

All these services are carried out by experts, such as ETNA, designated by the INPI.


This recent system consists of carrying out a complete inventory of existing intangible assets and the tools mobilized within the company to define in as much detail as possible the avenues for creating value from IP assets.

This device is divided into two phases:

  • the analysis of the company and in particular its situation in terms of protection rights, the inventory of the IP processes in place, the review of its contractual strategy, and the analysis of the competition and their strategy, and
  • the recommendations and avenues for development defining in particular areas for improvement, the risks and opportunities, and the methods for implementing the IP strategy.

The service lasts from 3 to 10 days for an amount between 3,000 and 10,000 Euros excluding VAT.

80% of the cost of the service is borne by Bpifrance.

ETNA was referenced by BPI France as soon as this system was set up.


This fund, intended for SMEs established in the European Union, makes it possible to benefit from a payment of 50% of the taxes prior to the registration of a trademark or a Design and Models, and the issuance of a national patent.

This fund is capped at 1500 Euros for trademarks and D&Ms, and 750 Euros for patents.

This initiative will end on December 16, 2022.


Contact us with any questions regarding these devices at contact@etna.legal

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