From design to implementation,
your tailor-made business strategy

Lawyers and intellectual property attorneys

Aix en Provence
Clermont Auvergne Metropolis

You are ...


  • File a patent
  • Defend a trademark
  • Optimize your Industrial Property strategy
  • Manage a conflict
  • Negotiate and establish contracts
  • Carry out an audit
  • Protecting an aesthetic creation
  • Benefit from a dedicated training module
  • Defend against a competitor

A startup
A project carrier

  • File a patent
  • Register a trademark
  • Promote your innovation
  • Protect your product
  • Benefit from a dedicated training module

A big company

  • Entrust us with a securities portfolio
  • Entrust us with the drafting of patents (French or English)
  • Set up monitoring strategies
  • Manage litigation
  • Train your teams


A comprehensive mastery of Intellectual Property and Business Law

Within the same firm, Lawyers and Industrial Property Consultants accompany and assist you through a global approach to subjects of interest to the company. From the birth of a product to its marketing, from its protection to its defense, from the weaving of contractual links to the promotion of your creations, ETNA intervenes on all the legal aspects concerning your immaterial assets.

French and European Industrial Property attorneys, the members of ETNA intervene more particularly in the context of research and filing of Trademarks, Designs and Models and patents of invention, and this in various technical fields, in particular in mechanics, chemistry, electronics, computer science, materials and Artificial Intelligence.

Intellectual Property


Communication / Media

  • Damage to image and reputation, defamation
  • Advertising and media law


Based in Paris and Montpellier, ETNA brings together Lawyers, Jurists and Industrial Property Consultants. Resulting from the merger of the firm LEXANDO created in 2012 by Jérôme Ferrando, and CARACTEQ created in 2010 by Sophie DELAVEAU, LEXANDO & CARACTEQ becomes ETNA in 2021 to consolidate its uniqueness: a multidisciplinary team at your service.

ETNA is authorized to represent you before the Intellectual Property Offices (INPI, OEB, EUIPO, WIPO) and before the French Courts. ETNA thus has control of the entire process of valuing your assets, from their acquisition to their defense in the context of litigation. ETNA has also acquired an international dimension by developing a network of experts throughout Europe and abroad.