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Welcome to the page dedicated to ETNA's business law. Here, we invite you to dive into the complex but essential universe of competition, consumer and distribution law.

The marketing of your products and services necessarily involves confronting the rules of these areas of law.
In an increasingly competitive context, it is crucial for companies to protect themselves against any unfair attack on their competitive advantages, and to take the measure of the constraints relating to the marketing of their products and services.

Our team of lawyers specializing in business law puts its cutting-edge expertise at your disposal to support you in these challenges.

Competition law, which guarantees economic balance, aims to prevent anti-competitive practices and promote fair competition. Our team is there to support you to have any unfair commercial practice against your company sanctioned or to defend you against any competitor attack, whether it is denigration, misappropriation of customers or parasitism.

Consumer law is an essential part of business law, because it protects the rights of consumers and ensures a balanced relationship between companies and their customers. Misleading commercial practices are unfortunately legion among your competitors, constituting an act of unfair competition.

Moreover, in an increasingly complex legal environment, it is easy to commit an infringement of the rules relating to the presentation of products or services or consumer protection.

Finally, distribution law encompasses the rules that govern the relationships between manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, retailers and franchisees. It will find application in all methods of marketing your products and services: exclusive or selective distribution, franchise networks, etc.

Our firm is recognized for its rigour, its expertise and its ability to find solutions adapted to the needs of our clients. We make it a point of honor to offer you personalized legal advice and to assist you throughout your procedures, whether you are a large company, an SME or an individual entrepreneur.

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